"Preparing students to step forward with confidence and a vision of lifetime success."


“The Outreach Staff has a wealth of knowledge and ideas that are very applicable to what we need to use in the classroom.”  – School District

“We appreciate the help offered by outreach consultant; goes out of her way to help - also thankful for summer school program as it helps my child learn the skills he needs with his disability.”  - Parent

Hello SDSBVI Family & Friends

We have had a great start to the beginning of our 2014-2015 School Year.  Students are busy reviewing, learning new things, and becoming good citizens.  We have daily announcements this school year and each day we have a motivational point to work on.  At the beginning of anything it is a good idea to set goals!

During one of our announcements we had the following quotation:  "You can’t hit a goal without arrows in your bow.”  That means, if you don’t try, you’ll never know all the great things you can do and can be.  Remember, you can never hit the target unless you shoot the arrow.  Shoot those arrows SDSBVI Pioneers, families, and friends – you will be Proud that you did!

Upcoming Events

Date(s) Event
December 25 Christmas Day Holiday
December 26 Administrative Leave Holiday
January 1 New Year's Day Holiday
January 4 Students Return; Dorms Open at 1:00 PM
January 5 Classes Resume
January 16 End of 2nd Quarter / End of 1st Semester
June 7-26 Summer Program
July 3 Independence Day Holiday
July 12-31 Summer Program